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Caeruleum Allium – 5 bulbs

Mixed Allium – 5 bulbs

Schubertii Allium – 3 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium schubertii Description: It could be a flower from some alien planet! It is a very unusual allium. Schubertii starts with a base of broad arching leaves, then sends up strong flowers stems from 12 to 24 inches tall. In June and July it tops these stems with huge, spidery reddish-purple flowerheads. An

Unifolium Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium unifolium Description: A very pretty onion that is native to America. Allium unifolium grows to 12 or 18 inches high, and produces in late spring lavender pink 1-inch flowers in 2 1/2 inch umbels. Great in the garden fronting taller alliums. Grow them in patio planters. They can even be planted in

Graceful Allium – 5 bulbs

Giganteum Allium – 3 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium giganteum Description: Blooms the size of softballs atop tall, regal flower stems. Always impressive and eye-catching, they grow 3 to 4 feet tall and the flowers are a clear, vivid purple. Plant them in dramatic groupings or along the back of the border. A sheltered location where the blooms won’t be exposed

Flavum Allium – 5 root divisions

Botanical Name: Allium flavum Description: Perfect for rock gardens or fronting the perennial border, Allium Flavum carries loose flowerheads with upward and downward pointing yellow blossoms. 10-12 inch grey-green stems. Midsummer flowers have a mild onion scent.

Gladiator Allium – 3 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium Description: Tall, striking, and perfect for dramatic garden accents. Gladiator is a vigorous, strong-growing plant with flower stalks reaching up to 5 feet above a base of lush foliage and topped with 5 inch flower globes of violet purple. Grows easily in full sun or partial shade, blooms in early summer, and

Globemaster Allium – 3 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium Description: The largest flowerheads of any allium a full 10 inches across! Flowers are a rich, deep purple and are carried on medium tall plants ranging from 2 to 3 feet in height. Spectacular in the garden and great cut flowers, fresh or dried. Grows best in full sun and blooms in

Moly Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium Description: Allium Moly has Golden Yellow star shaped flowers. Blooming in May and June and growing to about 14 inches tall, Moly is excellent for rock gardens.

Drumstick Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium sphaerocephalon Description: Allium sphaerocephalon is excellent for cut and dried flowers, flowering in May and June. Produces purple ball shaped blooms on 2-3 foot stems.

Ostrowskianum Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium oreophilum Description: Allium ostrowskianum has deep pinkish purple flowers on 4-6 inch stems. June flowering. 6-8 inches tall.

Mixed Rock Garden Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium Description: Mixed Rock Garden Allium are wonderful additions to tuck in rocky and in hard-to-grow places. Bright and perky blooms of yellow, pink and white in late spring and early summer. Grows 4″-20″ tall.

Cowanii Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium Description: Allium neapolitanum is a beloved rock garden classic. It was introduced to gardeners on the Continent in the 1700s and has been a garden staple ever since. It forms graceful flowerheads composed of small white stars on 12-inch plants. It’s pleasingly fragrant, and plantings come back each year in greater numbers.

Karataviense Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium karataviense Description: Very ornamental and a perfect choice for rock gardens, patio planters, beds, fronts of borders, and window boxes. Allium Karataviense has golf ball size blooms and grows up to 10″ high. Their color is a light pink combined with a silvery white. The foliage enhances the display with broad leaves

Pinball Wizard Allium – 1 bulb

Botanical Name: Allium Description: Huge, 6-8 inch orbs of sparkling silvery purple appear in early summer to provide gorgeous color for weeks. Grows only 24″ high, and makes a perfect cover for fading tulips. Our plump, premium bulbs are primed to produce a spectacular display – order today!

Purple Sensation Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium aflatunense Description: One of the best for adding variety of form and color to borders and mixed beds. Purple Sensation blooms in late spring or early summer, producing 3″ lilac purple pompon blooms atop 3′ to 3-1/2′ stalks that soar up from a base of broad-leaved foliage. Use them for bouquets fresh

Neapolitanum Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium Description: Ideal for rock gardens and naturalizing! This hardy little Allium opens 1″ starburst white flowers on 15″ stems. It blooms in May to June and multiplies annually, developing into nicely natural colonies. Very easy to grow and a charmer tucked into nooks here and there in the garden. Grow in full

Ivory Queen Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium karataviense Description: Gigantic blooms on short stalks. This improved selection of Ivory White that grows only 6 to 10 inches high with attractively arching wide leaves, and opens ivory white flowers up to 6 inches in diameter. Perfect for rock gardens, fronting perennial beds, and for growing in pots. It does well

Hair Allium – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Allium pulchellum Description: Looking for a dramatic flower shape for your garden and floral designs? This exciting new sport of Drumstick Allium will be a conversation piece for all who see it. The unusual flower form has a purple heart with green long hair like thin petals. Ideal as long lasting cut flowers.