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Green Goddess Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Description: Clear white trumpet-form blooms have the translucence of fine bone china. A yellow-green throat provides a surprising accent. Very elegant and strong growing. Flower stalks carry 4 or more blossoms and Green Goddess blooms bloom in just 6 to 8 weeks after potting. A special flower for celebrating special occasions and

Exposure Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Description: Magnificent flowers of a vibrant strong pink with white streaks and a touch of green in the throats. This is an excellent hybrid with multiple stems and large flowers. A perfect plant to pot and give as gifts for special friends. Exposure will grow easily indoors and bloom in just six

Christmas Gift Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Description: It’s a perfect color for a Christmas season display and a really great gift plant. That’s why they named it ‘Christmas Gift’. Large, elegant flowers are a pure white that glistens like fresh-fallen snow. A touch of green in the center matches the foliage and makes the white petals seem all

Blushing Bride® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Intokazi® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Wedding Dance® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Cocktail® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Carnival® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Ragtime® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Rock n’ Roll® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

First Love® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Rozetta® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Vegas® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Snow White® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Naranja Jumbo Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Naranja Regular Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Elvas Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Description: A sensational double amaryllis. Its many-petalled flowers are a satiny white with streaks of red and a delicate red edging. Elvas produces huge flowers, up to 8 inches across, and lots of them. Each bulb will most often send up 2 stalks, each topped with 4 or 5 enormous flowers. Amaryllis

Candy Floss® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Lady Jane Amaryllis – 1 bulb

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Description: Huge flowers have twice the usual number of petals and an iridescent orange color so bright they seem lit from within. Each bulb will send up multiple stalks and top each with 4 or more flowers, often as much as 8 inches across. Amaryllis are easy grow indoors. No sunlight required.

Hollywood® Symphony Amaryllis – 1 bulb