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Lady Fern – 3 root divisions

Botanical Name: Athyrium felix-femina Description: Lady ferns have yellow-green to medium green fronds with feathery blade pairs. The upper blades are long-tapering and ascending. Plant spread slowly to form dense clumps. Under the right conditions lady ferns will continue to send up new fronds into the summer. Lady ferns are one of the easiest ferns

New York Fern – 3 root divisions

Botanical Name: Thelypteris novaboracensis Description: One of the easiest to grow, you can quickly fill any shady space with this lush fern. Throughout the season bright, yellow-green fronds open and gracefully taper at both ends for an elegant form. Vigorous and strong, it produces long runners to increase rapidly. Though most ferns like moist shade,

Royal Fern – 3 root divisions

Botanical Name: Osmunda regalis Description: It is a deciduous herbaceous plant which produces separate fertile and sterile fronds. The sterile fronds are spreading, 24-60 inches and 12-16 inch broad, bipinnate, with 7-9 pairs of pinnae up to 12 inches long, each pinna with 7-13 pairs of pinnules 1-2.5 inches long and .5-.75 inches broad. The

Christmas Fern – 3 root divisions

Botanical Name: Polystichum acrostichoides Description: The Christmas fern grows to about 18 inches tall and wide with all of the fronds emerging from a central crown. As the plant ages, it produces more fronds, but the usual number is about 20 on the typical plant. Given good growing conditions, plants produce many more fronds than

Leatherwood Fern – 3 root divisions

Botanical Name: Dryopteris marginalis Description: This vigorous and evergreen fern has sturdy fronds that are used in the florist trade. It grows to 2 feet, with deep green, strong fronds that are quite durable. Unlike most ferns this can tolerate quite a bit of drought. Each year the handsome clumps increase in size. Ferns prefer