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Winter Aconite – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Eranthis cilicica Description: Yellow blossoms resembling buttercup. Perfect for use in borders, rock gardens, and to provide a touch of winter color in dormant perennial beds. Bloom early (Jan. to Feb. depending on climate).

Pink Diamond Firecrackers – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Dichelostemma ida maia Description: Plant this beauty for an explosion of color in the late spring garden! It’s also called Firecracker Flower for the continuous bursts of astonishing color. Tubular blooms form in 2″ clusters along stems up to two feet tall – bright shades of fuchsia with a spray of white at

Pink Glory of the Snow – 25 bulbs

Summer Snowflake Leucojum – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Leucojum aestivum Description:Also called Summer Snowflakes, these little gems are a must for rock gardens, mixed beds, or for tucking under shrubs. They prefer partially shady spots, grow 12-15″ tall, and open precious white bell blooms with green edges in April or early May. Blooms are suspended with each stem carrying from 3

Sky Blue Lilies – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Ixiolirion pallasii Description: Sky Blue Lilies are delightful as accent plantings with a beautiful color contrast. They grace the late spring garden standing over a foot tall.

Drooping Star of Bethlehem – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Ornithogalum nutans Description: Alovely and out-of-the-ordinary bulb for your spring garden. Attractiveclusters of white, waxy, star-shaped, 2-inch flowers. The leaves tendto be floppy, hence the common name “Drooping Star of Bethlehem.” Grows best in wet-winter, dry-summer climates–in full sun to partialshade. Flowers in early spring. Also good for growing in pots andenjoying indoors.

Rosabella Spanish Bluebells – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Hyacinthoides hispanica Description: Spanish Bluebells are delightful spring blooming bulbs that return each year more beautiful than the year before. Nodding rosy blooms cluster along strong stems 15-18″ high in late spring and early summer, providing a burst of color in the shade of woodland areas or under deciduous trees. They blend well

Mixed Spanish Bluebells – 25 bulbs

Nerine bowdenii – 3 bulbs

Botanical Name: Nerine bowdenii Description: A member of the Amaryllis Family from Africa, Nerine Bowdenii has the characteristic amaryllis form-a clump of bladed foliage that sends up 24- to 30-inch flower stalks or scapes topped with a circle of outward-facing, 2- or 3-inch blossoms. The plant is valued for its overall exotic form, and the

Fairy Lilies – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Zephyranthus robustus Description: Demure plants open pale pink blooms in early-to-mid summer – a sweetly charming display. Wonderful potted plants for splashes of color growing 8-12 inches tall.

Queen Fabiola Brodiaea – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Brodiaea laxa Description: Electric blue flowers in early spring on sturdy stems. Hardy, but needs protection in colder climates. Grows up to 28″.

Orchid Glads – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Acidanthera Description: Wonderfully scented flowers bloom in late summer – an ideal complement to other summer perennials. Can also be potted for indoor enjoyment of their fabulous fragrance. 28-40 inches tall.

Pink Carpet Oxalis – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Oxalis adenophylla Description: A sweet rose pink with repeat blooms during the summer months. Lucky shamrock-like foliage adds to their charm. Grow them in a partially sunny location. The plants form 6″ to 12″ mounds, perfect as a front edging along perennial beds, or for filling in around taller flowers. They also are

Blue Bird Ixia – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Ixia Description: Ixia Bluebird blooms from late spring into early summer, gracing the garden with star-shaped white flowers shaded with violet purple. Flowers top 12- to 18-inch stems over dark green sword-like foliage. Plant in borders, mixed beds, or grow in containers. The plants like sunny to partially shady locations and rich, well-drained

Regnelli var. triangularis Oxalis – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Oxalis Description: One of the finest bulbs for potting, and a rock garden mainstay. Oxalis Purpurea has stunning purple-red leaves with a shamrock-like form. Though the leaves are its main attraction, it also produces small white flowers with pink shadings. Plants bloom from spring into summer and grow 6 to 12 inches tall.

Mixed Ixia – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Ixia Description: Unbeatable for bright color! These hybrids bloom from March through June, opening sprays of elegant flowers on straw-like stems in gleaming shades of white, yellow, orange, pink, and red. Plants grow best in full sun and reach a height of 16″. Plant them in beds, borders, or in pots. Enjoy them

Blazing Spicata Liatris – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Liatris spicata Description: Rich color and distinctive form! Towering feathery spikes open rich purple from the top down. Plants are drought tolerant, spectacular in perennial beds and borders, and a wonderful addition to arrangements. Grows 3′ tall. Blooms in June and July.

Red Firecrackers – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Dichelostemma ida-maia Description: Exotic forms and color! These distinctive plants have twisting stems that grow 8 to 12 inches. In June, tubular flowers are borne in suspended cluster-a deep red with green tips that open into small white flowers. Excellent for cutting. A favorite of hummingbirds.

Mixed Babiana – 25 bulbs

Botanical Name: Babiana Description: These little-known charmers are native to South Africa, and commonly known as ”baboon flowers”. They grow 12-18” tall, produce lush blades of ribbed foliage, and blooms in shades of red, white, and blue-lavender from July into August. Wonderfully pretty flowers.

Naked Lady Amaryllis Belladonna – 3 bulbs

Botanical Name: Amaryllis belladonna Description: From a base of purple-red and green foliage, Naked Lady sends up 30 inch purple flower stems, each topped by a cluster of up to 12 trumpet-shaped, sweetly scented pink flowers measuring 4 inches long and 3 inches across.