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Deer Repellent Growing Season 1 Gallon Concentrate

Makes 10 gallons of ready to use repellent and covers up to an acre! If you have a lot of deer and a large area this is the perfect choice for you. With botanical oils and other natural ingredients. Don’t put up with the stench of other repellents when you can have superior protection that lasts longer and is pleasant to use. Repel Deer not People with our Mint Scent Deer Repellent. The all natural ingredients used in I Must Garden Deer Repellent stop the deer from eating your plants all year long. Made with botanical oils and food grade ingredients. There are no poisons, harmful chemicals or toxic glues in our products. Our fragrant Mint Scent formula is extremely popular because it smells great and it works! In addition to botanical oils we’ve added kelp to our Mint Scent formula. Kelp is a fantastic foliar feed for plants. A natural way for your plants to uptake nutrients without forcing new growth, we think kelp is a great addition. Double Action Repellency.Smell And Taste Deterrent. Not only do the essential oils make it smell fragrant to us the botanicals we use are from plants deer avoid or unfamiliar with. Odorless when it dries its effectiveness lasts for weeks. People are always telling us how much they hated to spray their old deer repellents because of the stench, until they tried I Must Garden Deer Repellents. No more taking a shower after spraying, no more getting sick while spraying, just proven results.

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