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Pro Plugger 5-in-1 XL Planting Tool

American Made. Save time! Save your back! Save your knees! The fastest way to Plug ‘n Plant! NEW & IMPROVED adding even greater durability and clog-free operation in nearly all soil types (avoid digging in overly dry or saturated soil). Dig planting holes quickly, one right after another, from a standing position. Soil gets stored in tool as you work and empties in seconds by simply turning the tool upside-down Digs a 2-1/8″ diameter hole (about the size of a racket ball or billiard ball) to various depths for a wide range of planting projects. Made of welded carbon steel for long-lasting durability. Depth Rings (included) allow you to dig 2″, 4″ or even a 6″ deep holes for planting and transplanting a variety of bulbs, flowers, ground cover plants, garden veggies & turf grass as well as getting out tough, deep tap root weeds. Year-round applications as a Bulb Planter, turf or lawn plugger, weeding tool (dandelions, wild onions, thistles ect…), tree fertilizer tool for drip-edge fertilizing of trees and a soil sample tool for taking soil cores for analysis. Pulls over 500 plugs per hour! Helpful for seniors or mild arthritis sufferers. Plant your favorite annuals and other bedding plants quickly. Plant ground covers such as mondo grass, monkey grass (Liriope), English ivy, pachysandra, creeping thyme and others…A year-round landscape tool! Not recommended for St Augustine grass.

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