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Tripartite Split Cup Daffodil – 10 bulbs

Botanical Name: Narcissus Description: A delightful daffodil with a different look! Tripartite is like many split-cupped daffs in most respects. It grows 10 to 18 inches tall and blooms at midseason producing as many as three 2- to 3-inch flowers per stem over a 2-week period. Its uniqueness is in its bloom form. The spit-cup is composed of almost straight, separated sections that flare broadly giving the center an almost daisy-like look. The cup is a bright yellow and the corona a lighter shade for a nice two-tone effect. Tripartite is great for cutting, massing, planting in mixed borders, growing in containers or any place you want to make more cheerful. The bulbs naturalize with ease, coming back each spring in greater numbers for a more dramatic display.

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