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Vice Versa Orienpet Lily – 5 bulbs

Botanical Name: Lilium Description: Huge, flamboyant flowers can be up to 10 inches across – a brilliant raspberry color with a coral sheen, beautifully showcased by lush, glossy foliage. Slightly ruffled petals curve and coil for an intriguing form, and to display the chartreuse nectary. Grows only 3-4 feet tall, so it’s suitable for beds, borders and container plantings on porch or patio, where its sweet scent can be enjoyed. Its color is eye-catching even from a distance, glowing almost fluorescently in the mid-summer garden. This Orienpet lily is a hybrid – its impressive vigor and dazzling color comes from the Trumpet lily, and its elegant form and delicious fragrance comes from the Oriental lily. No wonder it’s quickly become a garden staple. Premium bulbs are guaranteed to impress you next summer.

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