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Xeriscape – Western U.S. Mix Bulk Seed – 1 pound

Description: Water conservation is desirable in many places, and water-restrictions are becoming more common. This wildflower mix responds to such circumstances for landscapers in the Western United States. Good for all states west starting north with Wyoming and south through all of Texas. All selections in this mix are native to the west, and all are especially good at getting by on less water. Both annuals and perennials are included, so you’ll be rewarded with a colorful bloom show the first season. By the second season, the perennials will bloom in full glory. Spring, summer, and fall-blooming varieties make the color continuous. Plant in full sun or light shade, and at a rate of 9 to 16 lbs. per acre (use higher amount for uncultivated, unweeded sites); 7 ozs. per 1,000 sq. ft. for smaller sites. Our low Bulk Seed prices make it affordable to fill a field with wildflowers. Desert Marigold, California Poppy, Perennial Gaillardia, Bird’s Eyes, Tidy Tips, Blue Flax, Arroyo Lupine, Prairie Aster, Blazing Star, Pale Evening Primrose, Palmer Penstemon, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, California Bluebell, Prairie Coneflower, Gooseberryleaf Globemallow, Greenthread. This product is sold in 1lb increments.

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